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President Kraig Shafer's message:

As we move into Fall, the rifle ranges start to get busy. There are a few things we need to discuss. The most common complaint is the ropes used for target hanging. In the northern most shed , along with cardboard to put your targets on, you’ll find a big roll of brand new rope. Anyone is welcome to change the ropes. Please burn the old ropes along with any other trash while you’re at it. If we all help out, the ranges will be ready when we need them. If the trash cans are full, please use the burner and help us keep the ranges clean. Let’s all take PRIDE in our Club!

There have been several reports of shooters using steel targets on the ranges. DO NOT USE STEEL TARGETS!!  Our rule is PAPER TARGETS ONLY.


A Reminder: Club Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Many have asked when the next Fish Fry will be held. Mark your calendar now for January 20th and February 17th. With Gun Raffles, Tip Books and mighty good food, everyone has a great time!

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