January 2021


2020 was a challenging year! And we’re happy to see it go. But let’s look back at the year from the Sportsman’s Club’s view and see where we have reason to be thankful. When the pandemic hit us in March, we had secured a grant from the NRA for building 2 new trap houses on our trap range. So we complied with Dewine’s rule and took advantage of the time to construct 2 beautiful trap houses that are accessible for anyone, easy to load or adjust the traps, and very well constructed. Many Thanks to the fellas at Von Sossan Concrete for an excellent job, and to the Club Members that completed the job. And in response, our Wednesday evening trap shoots have been very well attended! Come on out and join in the fun any Wednesday. Shooting starts at 6:00PM and is open to the Public, so bring your buddies too.

The summer of 2020 brought something I’ve never seen in my lifetime at the Rifle Ranges. President Gary Jay organized and held weekly Rimfire Egg Shoots and the great response was overwhelming! The Shoots were held on Thursday Evenings, and the shooters really jumped on the bandwagon. We had to put the chickens on overtime to keep up with the demand for eggs. Gary has some great plans for 2021 and be sure to stop out on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM for the meetings and keep informed. There are great times ahead!

The building and grounds crew did an outstanding job of maintaining and mowing the facilities. Another drainage tile was put in at the east side and the brush was removed along our field. The mounds at the new trap houses were conditioned, planted and tended and we now have a good stand of grass. The mowers are all serviced, sharpened and ready for Spring.

In March with the Covid crap, we were forced to cancel the Wild Game Supper and rescheduled it in October. The tickets were all sold and although many folks didn’t attend because of Covid, we still had a great time and meal. If I remember right, we raffled off 12 guns, a whole bunch of fishing poles, booze, paintings and made a very nice profit for our efforts. Many Thanks to Cherry’s Outdoor World for supplying the guns for this event!

Our Fish Fries in January and February were probably the best we have ever had, and everyone got to enjoy some mighty fine food. The raffles for prizes and guns went very well, and a Big Thank You to 2A Firearms for supplying the guns for these events! Cassondra and Troy are topnotch folks!

As we look ahead now to 2021, we hope to see more of the young folks get involved and work with us to eventually take over the duties here. The core group at most of our functions probably average 70 years of age. And we know well we won’t be around forever. If you can spare some time, call Gary Jay or Darrel Buettner to see where you can be of some help. You won’t regret it.


-Kraig Shafer

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